Privacy Policy

Tanaka Vegetable Farm recognizes the importance of personal information protection and considers it a social responsibility to use it appropriately and protect it. We promise to keep confidentiality of personal information.


Definition of personal information

Information that is identical to an individual such as a full name, an address, a phone number, E-mail address, a purchase history.


Collection and the use of personal information

Our farm collects and uses personal information for the following purposes only within limits. The personal information voluntarily provided from a customer at a time of application for the farm services and inquiry is regarded as being acknowledged by the customer to be used in accordance with this policy.

The purposes include;

*providing the customer with our services.

*replying to the customer’s inquiry.

*giving information to the customer and for communication.


Personal information to a third party

Our farm never provides personal information to a third party without obtaining the customer’s consent beforehand unless otherwise provided for in laws and regulations.


Supervision over our consignee

We may necessarily provide a part of the personal information to our consignee in order to carry out the business of offering services to our customers. In this case, we make our consignee appropriately manage the personal information.


Disclosure and correction of personal information

Our farm discloses, corrects, and deletes the personal information provided from a customer after confirming the request and identity verification.