What are Tanaka’s vegetables?

It is nice to meet you. Tanaka Vegetable Farm runs agriculture in the mountains of Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Kudamatsu City is known as the town where a lot of stars are seen, and is relatively a warm area facing the Seto Inland Sea. Our vegetable field is located in the halfway up the mountain where sun-shine fully pours. Our vegetables are grown up with the clean fresh natural water which is oozed from the mountaintop.

It is our great pleasure to deliver the vegetables rich in blessings of nature.



We do not use any pesticide or fertilizer in our farm. What we aim for is to grow vegetables in the environment like a natural forest. Soil in a forest becomes rich with nourishment when dead leaves are decomposed and helps the plants grow. Our vegetables are grown in the similar environment like our vegetables grown with fertilizer may rot in a refrigerator in not a long period of time. This is because these vegetables were given too much nutrition in order to harvest a lot and quickly.

The vegetables free from fertilizer are healthy and hard to rot for a long time in a proper method of preservation. The reason is that these are the vegetables grown up with the natural nourishment decomposed by microbe in quite the same way as plants in a mountain never go rotten but become only dry. The vegetables grown up in this way represent such characteristics as natural sweetness, deliciousness, acrid taste, and bitterness the vegetables should have. We strongly recommend you to try our vegetables which we and and microbe carefully produced together.


Freshness should make vegetables most delicious. A flavor and crunchiness of fresh vegetable are only available with a direct shipment from a farmhouse. Harvested early in the morning and delivered door-to-door by our farm staff within the day. We do not deliver such vegetables that may need a high level of preservation and not eligible for deliciousness.

Breed variety

Highly selected breeds. Only possible at a farmhouse where a wide variety of breeds are grown in a small quantity. Breeds that are delicious but time-consuming in a traditional way of cultivation. Rare-to-meet vegetables as you may meet only at a restaurant are sometimes delivered.


We think that we are going to tell you through a diary how and in what kind of field the vegetables you may eat are cultivated. If there is any question or doubt, please contact us without hesitation. We also accept your visit to the field.



Name: Yuki Tanaka

田中友紀After graduation from university, I have engaged in a service industry for four years. After that I had learned farming at Peter’s organic farm in Australia. Afer retern home, I cultivate 1.5acre and grow appoximately 60vegetables without pesticide, fertelizer.I grow safe and delicious vegetables so Plese try our veges!! 




Name: Yui Tanaka

I think that the salad which does not need dressing is the peculiarity of Tanaka vegetables.

I called myself Beautician of vegetables and Doctor of vegetables.